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Safety in a Snap! 

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The ICEdot Snap is ideal for protecting athletes of any skill level. The Snap is designed to attach to apparel where it will stay until you remove it.

Like an identification bracelet – but snapped to your clothes! With your PIN printed on the inside, the ICEdot Snap can identify you and notify your emergency contacts on the scene.
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More Information

The Snap is designed to attach to apparel where it will stay until you remove it.
It remains affixed to your clothing while you exercise, while you run
it through the washer and the dryer and it will sit patiently on your gear until
you are ready to get off the couch and exercise again. If you want to move it
to another shirt, pair of shorts or cycling jersey simply push the middle and it
pops right off. No more worrying about whether or not you have your athletic
identification bracelet, snap this little guy on your favorite gear and forget about it
– it’ll be there, protecting you, even if you sweat all over it.

Product Details

The Snap has two pieces, a silicone outer shell and a firm inner disc. Your
ICEdot PIN and text instructions are on the disc, just like your ICEdot member
card. The Snap opens up in, well, a snap. You simply hold the outer edge of the shell and press firmly on the soft
center portion – forcing the disc outward. To put it on your gear just put the fabric
between the two pieces of the Snap and “snap” them together.