Smoke Detectors Can Save Lives in an Emergency…For Real.

I’ve been disturbed by a tragedy that happened over the holiday weekend.  A fire that claimed the lives of five people, including three children.  As a mother this news is horrifying to me.  My heart is so saddened for everyone … Continue reading

5 Emergency Preparedness Tips for Your Pet During the Holidays

This is the second part to our Emergency Preparedness Tips for the Holidays series.  Today the star of the show is pets! There are things you can do to make sure your furry little friend is safe this holiday season. … Continue reading

5 Emergency Preparedness Tips for Parents During the Holidays

The holiday season tends to overcrowd emergency rooms (as if they weren’t crowded enough).  People falling off ladders putting up Christmas lights and decorative trees catching on fire aren’t the only things to blame. I’m going to create a little … Continue reading