Are you competing in the Warrior Dash this weekend?

If you answered “yes” then you’ve come to the right place!  As you’ve already identified, Warrior Dash is a really awesome organization.  We couldn’t be more excited to be offering our free event safety service to their participants. 


What is ICEdot you might be asking yourself?  ICEdot is an emergency identification and notification service.  We offer several different types of services but the one the Warrior Dash is using this weekend is our free event service.  What this means to you is that we’re  an added precautionary measure in case of emergency (ICE) during your race.  The way it works is that your BIB number is synced with your name and emergency contact info or an ICE profile.  You will receive an email from us with a user name and password to login to your ICEdot account.  This is where you can add more emergency information, such as…more emergency contacts, any medical issues etc.  In an emergency a first responder can text your BIB number and receive a text message back with your emergency information.


You may think you won’t need this but the simple fact of having more than one emergency contact should perpetuate you to sign in and update your profile.  Shock alone after an injury is enough to make you forget your OWN phone number, let alone loved ones. 


Event Medical Staffing Solutions (EMSS) is also on the scene at the Warrior Dash events and they’re the best in the biz.  They cover events nationwide. Fortunately, they’ve been trained on how to use our ICEdot service so again please take advantage of this precautionary measure before your race… it’s worth the few minutes, especially if you end up needing to use it!


I’m definitely jealous of all you people about to embark on your upcoming battle…wish I was going… and in Colorado to boot.  Some people have all the luck.   Hoist a helmet for all of us at ICEdot, mmkay?


Stay safe out there.  Have fun Warriors!  Don’t forget to join us over on our Facebook page for more pre/post Warrior Dash discussion.  You can sign in and update your free ICE profile here:

– Natalie Cagle 

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