Crash Sensor Story

The ICEdot Crash Sensor  has been a product long in the works. Invented by SenseTech LLC of Denver, CO. ICEdot’s CEO, Chris Zenthoefer, met Biju Thomas of SenseTech through mutual friends in the cycling community. Biju had envisioned a sensor that would call for help in case of a major bike wreck and ICEdot had an existing emergency profile and sms-based emergency contact system. By coupling the two technologies, an ideal partnership was formed to bring the product to market.

The sensor is designed and tuned to mimic the forces your brain is experiencing at any given time. SenseTech’s Chief Scientific Officer, Timothy Bauer, PhD developed the complex algorithms that translate raw sensor data from the on board gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer to determine if and when forces exceed a threshold of safety for the brain. While many people often refer to G Forces for concussion, this is only one form of measurement performed by SenseTech’s algorithms. Equally significant is the rotational forces experienced including acceleration and velocity.

AdaFruit, an Electrical Engineering workshop and community, did a tear down on the sensor itself discussing the engineering work done to accomplish this.

The Crash Sensor is manufactured in the United States by global electronics leader, FlexTronics. ICEdot was selected to be a key part of FlexTronics’ new initiative to work with smaller companies innovating in the wearable technologies space.

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