Emergency ID

A key component of ICEdot is its emergency ID platform. Our award-winning Crash Sensor operates from the data stored in the system – such as your emergency contacts. But there is quite a bit of value in the system itself in providing critical information to first responders during an emergency, such as allergies, medications, blood type, along with emergency contacts. Even if you’re conscious, communicating key information in an emergency is often much more difficult than most people realize.

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The ICEdot system works with a unique PIN code that can identify you, provide important medical information, and notify your contacts in an emergency – all via SMS text message. SMS messages are not phone type dependent and work anywhere in the world. They are also trackable so you can see any time your data has been accessed.

In an emergency, first responders locate the 8-digit PIN code on the Band or on the helmet sticker. When this code is SMS text messaged to ICEdot, the member’s emergency profile is immediately available. 

With a PIN-based system customers no longer need to wait weeks to have an ID plate engraved. The PIN can be activated online, giving immediate protection. The online emergency profile also allows unlimited, real-time updates without having to purchase a new product.

Helmet stickers, which can also be applied to phones and ID cards, are included with our Crash Sensor, Band, and are now included on helmets from a number of manufacturers. You can have multiple PIN numbers. For instance, you may have activated one PIN from a Crash Sensor and then bought a helmet that has one as well. Each time you activate a new PIN an additional year of ICEdot service is credited to your profile, a $10 value.