Developed with Medics. Backed by the American Ambulance Association & the NAEMT.

ICEdot was developed in collaboration with Emergency Medical Services Authority, and has been adopted as the National Health Registry by the American Ambulance Association. It was recognized as Innovation of the Year in 2010 at EMS World. Recently, ICEdot received the recognition of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. It is our goal to be an active part of the EMS community, to work with EMS to develop enhancements making the service more useful for first responders and customers alike.


ICEdot is designed to be consistent with current medic behavior and can improve treatment at the scene of an accident by providing a patient’s identification, key medical data and notify their emergency contacts once transport has been confirmed. EMS providers may utilize the SMS based, first responder feature or choose to get an EMS license to integrate data through a web portal and/or medic app. EMS licenses are free and medic training is done online.


EMS providers do not need computers or Internet access in their ambulance to use ICEdot.


Why ICEdot?

1 Determine a patient’s identity, age, medication, medical conditions, medication allergies and emergency contacts via text message, mobile app or Internet enabled device
2 Backed by the American Ambulance Association and NAEMT 

3 FREE for EMS providers

4 FREE EMS licensing & training on the ICEdot service
5 FREE communication support about ICEdot in your community

6 FREE ICE.event service can be implemented in local community events that EMS supports

7 FREE Yellow ICEdot car sticker program alerting first responders to ICE information in a vehicle’s glove box