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Specialized ANGi Replacement Sensor


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Specialized ANGi Replacement Sensor
We have some exciting news for ICEdot Crash Sensor customers. ICEdot has been acquired by Specialized Bicycle Components and we have a new version of the Crash Sensor product and a replacement program for all current Crash Sensor customers. To qualify you must have an ICEdot Crash Sensor and active ICEdot subscription during calendar year 2018 on or before November 28th. The new Specialized device, called ANGi, will be shipped you at no charge and includes a one-year subscription to the new Specialized Ride app premium features. You can learn more about ANGi at or the Ride app at If you choose to stay with the ICEdot product, ICEdot Crash Sensors will continue to operate via the ICEdot app until March 31, 2019. You have until that date to claim your Specialized ANGi device. If you do not claim the product by that time, your ICEdot Crash Sensor will no longer operate and you will not be able to receive a replacement ANGi device from Specialized.