ICEdot Frequently Asked Questions

“I Already Have a Band…”

(or some other physical ICEdot product)

Maybe you bought it at a retail location. Maybe someone gave it to you as part of a training program or as a gift. If you haven’t activated your product and assigned it to a profile, just click below and you’ll be on your way.

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I already have a PIN number and my new product has a different one. Should I have the same PIN?

PINs are for products and you will have a different PIN for each product. When you activate an ICEdot product you do so by activating the PIN on that specific product and then either create a new account or log-in to your existing account and specify which profile should get the new product.

I already have an account and I am adding a new product that came with a one year membership. Will I get credit for the additional year?

Yes. Each time you activate a new product we credit your account profile for an additional year of service. If you purchased a Crash Sensor and a Band, you’ll have one year of ICEdot service included with each device – 2 yrs total.

When will an Android version be available for the Crash Sensor?

Now. There is a catch here, people use the term Android like it’s a singular phone when in fact, it’s hundreds of phones and each phone manufacturer makes their own customizations to the system, some of which can cause conflicts. The app we released is tested and fully supported on Nexus phones. Google makes the Nexus and they make Android – so its the most “pure” version of the system. The app is in public beta on all other devices running Android 4.3 or later. This means, it “should” work fine but we don’t guarantee it yet as we have not had a chance to individually test them. Last, it won’t work at all on Samsung phones and we’ve blocked the download to Samsung phones. Samsung has not implemented Google’s code for Low Energy Bluetooth (which is how the sensor communicates with the phone) so it won’t work at all and until they implement the full code from Google, there is nothing we can do to make it work. Again, this is Samsung, not us.

What happens if I do not have cell phone service and the Crash Sensor goes off?

Our device will still alert the app on your phone of an incident but our app, without a connection, will not be able to alert your emergency contacts and share your coordinates.

I bought a Crash Sensor but am not able to get it to connect to my phone. What do I do?

1. Make sure you have charged your Crash Sensor – 4 hours is recommended.
2. Make sure you have your Bluetooth turned on. This is done in the “Settings” on your phone.
3. Confirm you have an iPhone 4s or later running the latest iOS or on Android using 4.3 or later with BLE support. 
4. Make sure you have downloaded the ICEdot app from the Apple or Google Play store. There is another ICEdot Medic app, this is a different app and not applicable to the Crash Sensor.
5. When selecting your Crash Sensor, give it a good shake.
6. If the sensor has been charged for a longer period or experienced a power surge, the protective circuitry may have shut down functions preventing it from appearing as available to avoid overheating. Let it sit overnight and it should return to normal function.
7. If the above has not resolved your problems you can reset your sensor by plugging it in for 10-20 seconds, unplug it and retry the connection process. 

I want to test the Crash Sensor without breaking my helmet. How can I do that?

Hold it in your hand and try snapping your wrist, the rebound and rotation of a strong snap are often strong enough forces to trigger the sensor. Just make sure you deactivate the countdown or warn you emergency contacts.

The Crash Sensor is not reporting my GPS coordinates. What’s wrong?

The ICEdot app needs permission to use your location data to pull and report your GPS data. You can make sure this is on by going to your settings, selecting privacy, then locations services and ensuring the slider is set to “on” for ICEdot.

“What is included in the ICEdot membership?”

ICEdot membership is $10 per year, per person.  Each product comes with a one year membership included. If you simply sign up for an ICEdot membership, you will receive our member kit, which is a Premium Sticker Pack. 

“How will first responders know about this service?  Do all paramedics know about this?”

Our service was created in 2009. We are partnered with the American Ambulance Association and the NAEMT – two of the largest nationwide EMS organizations. We perform outreach programs to EMS groups across the country and have worked directly with many groups to individually train their first responders.

More importantly, all of our identifiers include simple ICE (In Case of Emergency) instructions for accessing our system. So, even if a first responder has not been specifically trained, he or she can access basic identification and notification information. In fact, our member cards are designed to be placed next to your driver’s license or ID card — someplace paramedics are already trained to look! Finally, on other occasions, our members are simply able to hand their ICEdot identifier to a first responder as a means of ensuring accurate identification and care.

“Can I create multiple ICE profiles on my account?”

Yes.  An account can have multiple ICE profiles.

“How do I upload a photo?”

After you create your ICE Profile you’ll see your name(s) on the ICE Profiles page.On the left of your name(s) on your ICE Profile page there is a button that reads, “Upload a photo” click on that.  It will allow you to “choose a file” from your computer.  Find an image on your computer and select it.  Then click on “Upload photo.”  It may take a few seconds but your photo should appear next to your name.  

“I don’t want to store my information online, is there some way I can still participate in the ICEdot program?”

Yes.  Please use this link to print out a blank ICEdot form to fill out manually and place in your glove box.

“Will 5-10-20 work everywhere? If not, what should I use?”

5-10-20 is a Premium US short code. As such, it will only work in the US and on phones and phone plans that support premium short codes. Because of this, we also include a US long code +1 918-373-9989 that will work on any phone. The long code will also work internationally for any phone that can send/receive SMS to a US number. All of our ICEdot identifiers include both numbers. We have also introduced a European long code +41 79 373 99 29 printed on all products sold in Europe.