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University of Oklahoma 2011-2012 Members.

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Peace of Mind.

ICEdot Annual Membership

As a valued member, University of Oklahoma 2011-2012 wants to offer you an extra layer of personal protection in the event of an emergency. That’s where we come into the picture. We’re ICEdot.

We provide an integrated emergency identification and notification service.

Sounds complicated but it’s a simple concept.

Should you be involved in a medical emergency, your membership into ICEdot will help first responders expedite your care and notify loved ones. Your ICEdot PIN will be linked to a personal online account with important medical and contact information that can be accessed at the scene.

While we hope you never find yourself in a critical situation, being prepared is the best way to help save yourself.

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Please enter your OUNet ID (4+4) or Health Sciences Center (HSC)Username. If you do not know your OUNet ID or HSC Username, pleasecontact OU IT at your campus:

  • Norman - 405.325.HELP
  • HSC - 405.271.2203
  • Tulsa - 918.660.3550, option #1

What People Are Saying About ICEdot

I was carrying a small bag out to my car and tripped on an uneven curb. I fell on my face, literally. When the ambulance arrived and began asking me their lengthy questions I gave them my ICEdot. They text messaged my PIN and because of the info it provided spared me a lot of questions on my way to the ER. That was very helpful for me.

Evelyn L. Rogers MLIS

My job requires me to travel a lot and unfortunately my medical issues go with me. If anything happens, I want to ensure the best possible outcome of a potentially bad situation. The ICEdot is what I depend on to make that happen for me and my family.

Hal Cantwell Norman, Oklahoma