ICEdot Athletes: A Great Resource for Training

If you haven’t visited our ICEdot Athletes blog yet you’re missing out on a tremendous resource.  Our everyday athletes are not professionals but you wouldn’t know it by their dedication, attitudes and knowledge.

I’m an everyday athlete myself (like many of us over here at ICEdot) and I’ve learned a lot of good information from our athletes.  I learned how to track my hydration, why recovery is important, how to train for an obstacle course, why running with a weighted vest is useful, how to make delicious recovery smoothies, race day routines, what the heck a “fartlek” is and how to cross train in the off season (to name a few things).  These people know what they’re talking about and frequently perform well in races.

If you have any interest in training for something or need some running motivation these people all are class acts and offer some really good tips and insights.  They make us proud and have become a great community to engage.

If you’d like to become an ICEdot athlete yourself and be a contributor to our blog shoot me an email: natalie{at}

If you’re a twitter user you can use the tag #ICEdotblog to find our athletes’ tweets.

See ya out there!  Be safe everyone.

– Natalie

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