How Does ICEdot Work?

What Do You Get?

  • ICE Profile w/ Unique PIN

    Create and manage as many ICE Profiles as you need – be sure to include your photo! A unique PIN is synced with your ICE Profile, giving first responders access to your information in an emergency.

  • Wearable Identifiers

    Get wearable bracelets, stickers, snaps, and more – all with your unique PIN. Perfect for adding a little bit of safety to your training.

  • 5-10-20 Text Messaging Service

    By text messaging your unique PIN to 5-10-20, first responders can access the information you want shared in case of emergency.

  • Membership Starter Kit

    FREE with purchase of Premium Service. Includes a personalized member card with your photo id, along with two key fobs.

  • + Protection at your Events

    We are partnering with events all over the country. When you enter an ICEdot-protected event, you’ll already be setup and ready to go.


Products You Might Like…

Stylish Medical ID bracelet for athletes, children, chronic illnesses, and moreStylish Medical ID bracelet for athletes, children, chronic illnesses, and more


With your PIN etched into this silicone bracelet, the ICEdot Band can identify you and notify your emergency contacts on the scene.
  • 1 ICEdot Band
  • 1 Yr ICEdot Membership
  • 1 Small Sticker Pack

Premium Member Sticker PackPremium Member Sticker Pack


Ideal for placing on things you use regularly. Common uses are on the back of identification cards, health cards, and helmets.
  • 4 Rectangle Stickers
  • 2 Circle Stickers
  • 1 Yr ICEdot Membership


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