ICEdot for Groups

ICEdot For Groups 

Whether you’ve organized a little league team, running club, cycling team or any other kind of group activity  ICEdot can provide peace of mind for parents and loved ones in case an emergency occurs.


Why ICEdot? ICEdot Benefits Include:

  • Notification of emergency means early awareness that an emergency has occurred. 
  • Emergency ID helps identify you and lists important medical information if applicable.
  • Unlimited access to emergency profile information. If contact numbers change, medications need to be updated or a custom emergency SMS message needs to be included you can simply login to the account you manage and make the necessary changes to the emergency profiles listed on your account. 

  • Emergencies happen and it’s a good idea to be prepared.

  • Parents and loved ones feel better about your safety.

  • Managed group enrollment and renewals.

  • First responders can use the ICEdot information to more effectively administer care.

What Groups Currently Use ICEdot?

  • Organized sports teams
  • Police departments
  • Universities
  • Employers 

If you’re interested in offering ICEdot to your group members  we can provide registration assistance, group billing and renewals.   Please contact us to let us know how we can help provide your group our emergency ID and notification service.

To view all the products we have to offer please visit the ICEdot Shop or visit our How it Works page for more information.  If you’d like to request  group information please fill out and submit the short form below.


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