ICEdot Partners with Local First Responder Units to Educate Community Residents

King of Prussia, Pa., May 21, 2012-

ICEdot is continuing to expand its free Yellow ICEdot service throughout the Philadelphia region by partnering with local emergency first responder units to educate community residents on how to effectively use the service. One local ambulance squad has taken a particular interest in how useful this service can be to those who are caring for elderly parents.  This month Lafayette Ambulance in Upper Merion Township will host a Caring for Elderly Parents Seminar to educate the community on how they can use ICEdot to protect their loved ones living in Upper Merion Township.   The seminar will include speakers not only from Lafayette Ambulance, but also a local Care Manager for seniors and an Elder Law Attorney.

Taking on the responsibility of caring for elderly loved ones is a bewildering experience.  Many times they are doing so from a distance or without any idea what to do.  Thanks to the resources being brought together between Lafayette Ambulance, ICEdot, and these local subject matter experts, this seminar will provide valuable tips on how best to manage caring for your loved ones.

“Lafayette has put together a very effective program which will allow community members to make use of resources to aid in the care of their loved ones 24/7 thanks to the ICEDot program, “ said Chris Zenthoefer, ICEdot CEO.  “Understanding what emergency responders need to know and why, as well as putting together a means of transmitting that information quickly and efficiently in an emergency can be vital.”

ICEdot, which stands for In Case of Emergency, is an emergency identification and notification service. ICEdot launched the Yellow ICEdot program here, making Philadelphia the first city in the U.S. to offer the service for free to all of its residents. Individuals use the service by completing a basic health and emergency contact form on the ICEdot website, printing it out and placing it in their car’s glove box or hanging it on their home refrigerator and then placing the ICEdot sticker in their rearview window or front door, indicating to first responders that their emergency information is located inside the car.

A detailed overview of how ICEdot works can be found at

Since its January introduction the ICEdot service has continued to spread throughout Upper Merion Township.  In addition to the Caring for Elderly Parents Seminar Lafayette has distributed information on the ICEdot service in their Fund Drive Newsletter and is in the process of planning other community events.

“All of our EMTs and Paramedics have been trained or are in the process of being trained to use ICEdot and we want to extend that training to community members,” said Jim Cheezum of Lafayette Ambulance. “We recognize the value of the ICEdot service. Being able to identify a victim at an accident scene and know their information takes the unknown out of treating the injured.”

Lafayette Ambulance will host the Caring for Elderly Parents Seminar on Thursday, May 31 at 7pm at their station located at 180 N Henderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406. The speakers will include representatives from Lafayette Ambulance, Mike Connor, Esq and Denise Valerio, from Valerio Care Management, and ICEdot representative Mark Tornstrom will be on hand to answer questions on the service and share other ways that ICEdot can help protect loved ones.  While the event is free to attend, to help defray the costs of this seminar a small donation to Lafayette Ambulance, a qualified 501(c)3 organization is suggested.   


In addition to the Yellow ICEdot program, ICEdot also offers a premium emergency identification and notification service for a $10 a year membership. Additional ICEdot identifiers include the ICEdot Snap which attaches to clothing, as well as stickers, key fobs, wristbands and bracelets. ICEdot identifiers utilize the Internet, mobile applications and SMS technology to quickly identify a patient, relay important medical information, provide and notify emergency contacts in the case of any accident or medical incident.



About ICEdot

ICEdot, which stands for In Case of Emergency, utilizes the Internet, mobile applications and SMS technology to quickly identify a patient, relay important medical information and provide emergency contacts in the case of any accident or medical incident. The company’s medical emergency services and products include ICEdot Snap, ID jewelry, the Yellow ICEdot sticker and For more information about ICEdot and its services, please visit or call 918.592.3722.

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