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ICEdot is an emergency ID and notification service innovating safety technology for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. ICEdot syncs a secure online profile with products such as a band, snap, helmet stickers or it’s latest product, the Crash Sensor. In Case Of Emergency, ICEdot has the ability share predesignated health and geolocation information over sms/text. ICEdot is a company full of everyday athletes that create products they want to use in their own lives. For more information visit or

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Endgadget | ICEdot Crash Sensor Notifies Your Loved Ones After You Eat It, Tells Them Where You Are

“ ICEdot and SenseTech hope to take the traditional brain bucket to new heights next year with a Bluetooth equipped crash sensor.”

Bike Radar | Emergency Response for Cyclists

“ ICEdot does require a smartphone, but the timing of the release comes just as technology research firm DisplaySearch predicts that smartphone shipments worldwide will pass one billion in 2016. As many riders are already using their handsets as cycling computers, the ability to take advantage of the technology seems serendipitous.”

Mashable | Bike Helmet Calls for Help if it Detects a Fall

“ ICEdot(In Case of Emergency) partnered with SenseTech LLC to develop a helmet-mounted impact sensor. The innovative wireless sensor — which looks like a plain, yellow sticker — can detect motion, changes in forces and impacts that occur when the rider has fallen.”

Gizmodo | Helmet Sensor Detects Accidents & Alerts your Emergency Contacts.

“Expanding on its product line which makes it easy for someone to find your emergency contacts if you’re injured, ICEdot (In Case of Emergency) is taking the idea one step further.”

Gear Junkie | Helmet Sensor Calls Your Loved Ones in a Bike Crash.

When it comes to market next year you’ll be able to stick the yellow sensor dot to your bike or ski helmet. Using technology that detects sudden motion, the sensor can communicate with a smartphone to “send critical data to an app, which sounds an alarm and initiates an emergency countdown.”

Warrior Dash Partners with ICEdot and EMSS to Keep Participants Safe.

“Warrior Dash is excited to align with ICEdot and believes that this will help increase the safety of our participants, which is our number one priority,” said Race Director Kendra Alley.

ICEdot: The Future of Athletic Safety

Still not sure how ICEdot works? Read this article for the full scoop.

ICEdot Announces Partnership with SenseTech LLC to Launch Helmet Impact Sensor

Product detects head impacts and alerts emergency contacts in case of an accident

ICEdot Offers Free Event Service to Bicycle Magazine Open in Philadelphia

The Bicycle Magazine Open Bike Ride in Philadelphia Protects their Participants with ICEdot

ICEdot Partners with Primal Mud Run Series Offers Free emergency identification and notification service for participants

USA BMX Enhances Rider Safety with ICEdot

“BMX racing is a family affair and providing ICEdot protection for our members is one more way we can help take care of them.” said BA Anderson, President of USA BMX.