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Todos los productos de identificación (ID) de ICEdot ID incluyen una afiliación de un año.

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ICEdot Crash Sensor ICEdot Crash Sensor

119.00 $

The ICEdot Crash Sensor detects major head impacts and notifies your emergency contacts if you are unresponsive. Peace of mind for the solo…
  • 1 ICEdot Crash Sensor
  • 1 helmet mounting clip (adheres or zip ties to helmet)
  • 1 USB to Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 Yr Premium ICEdot Membership
Stylish Medical ID bracelet for athletes, children, chronic illnesses, and more Stylish Medical ID bracelet for athletes, children, chronic illnesses, and more

20.00 $

With your PIN etched into this silicone bracelet, the ICEdot Band can identify you and notify your emergency contacts on the scene.
  • 1 ICEdot Band
  • 1 Yr ICEdot Membership
  • 1 Small Sticker Pack
Premium Member Sticker Pack Premium Member Sticker Pack

10.00 $

Ideal for placing on things you use regularly. Common uses are on the back of identification cards, health cards, and helmets.
  • 4 Rectangle Stickers
  • 2 Circle Stickers
  • 1 Yr ICEdot Membership
ICEdot Crash Sensor Helmet Mounting Clip ICEdot Crash Sensor Helmet Mounting Clip

15.00 $

Easily move your Crash Sensor between your helmets with additional mounting clips.
  • 2 Helmet Mounting Clips
  • 4 Zip Ties
Window Sticker - 5 Pack Window Sticker - 5 Pack

3.00 $

A five pack of our ICEdot logo stickers to place on your car or home to alert first responders that you have ICEdot. All ICEdot members receive a…
  • 5 ICEdot Window Stickers
Running Singlet Running Singlet

37.50 $

Wear the color of safety and run with peace of mind with this ICEdot running singlet.
  • 1 Running Singlet
Men's Cycling Jersey - Sleeveless Men's Cycling Jersey - Sleeveless

80.00 $

You dream about the yellow jersey, why not wear one when you train? Sport the ICEdot jersey and Be Known as the one to beat.
  • 1 Cycling Jersey