Highly Anticipated Technologies Combine to Fill Void in Athletic Safety

San Francisco – July 24, 2013 – ICEdot, an emergency ID and notification service for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, and HzO, creators of WaterBlock™ technology which waterproofs electronic gadgets from the inside out, have partnered to bring WaterBlock™ technology to the ICEdot Crash Sensor.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor is a small safety device that mounts onto any helmet. When paired with the ICEdot app on a smartphone, the system is able to detect sudden motion changes, forces or impacts, notifying emergency contacts about a potential accident and sending the owner’s GPS coordinates, if its built-in alarm is not turned off manually.

Now, with the addition of HzO’s WaterBlock™ technology, the ICEdot Crash Sensor can be transported to any outdoor destination without fear of damage from rain, snow or rapids.

“Outdoor enthusiasts, such as snowboarders and kayakers, are continuously exposed to water.  Our partnership with HzO and the addition of WaterBlock™ technology to the ICEdot Crash Sensor ensures all athletes are protected, no matter the environmental elements they encounter,” said Chris Zenthoefer, CEO of ICEdot.

HzO’s proprietary WaterBlock technology is a thin film surface coating applied to the electronic assemblies inside a device, creating a protective barrier. Using a chemical vapor deposition process, HzO covers vital electronic parts that are often compromised and corroded by sudden or persistent exposure to corrosives and liquids, such as water, humidity and sweat.

Learn more about the ICEdot Crash Sensor at icedot.org and HzO WaterBlock™ at hzoinside.com.


About ICEdot
ICEdot is an emergency ID and notification service innovating safety technology for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. ICEdot syncs a secure online profile with products such as a band, snap, helmet stickers or its latest product, the crash sensor. In Case Of Emergency, ICEdot has the ability share predesignated health and geolocation information over sms/text. ICEdot is a company full of everyday athletes that create products they want to use in their own lives. For more information visit icedot.org or icedotathletes.com



About HzO, Inc.

HzO Inc., headquartered in Draper, Utah, is an industry leader in the field of thin film nano-coating technology. With its revolutionary and proprietary WaterBlock™ vapor deposition process, HzO protects electronic devices from damage due to water, other liquids and small debris without the additional bulk, weight or change to aesthetics added by mechanical seals, gaskets, plugs, cases and covers. HzO is commercializing WaterBlock in consumer electronics, military, first responder devices, medical, industrial and other markets. HzO  is the winner of the 2012 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award and Utah Innovation Award. Visit hzoinside.com for more information.


ICEdot Media Contact:

Natalie Cagle


HzO Media Contact:

Ryan Moore


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