Warrior Dash Partners with ICEdot and Event Medical Staffing Solutions to Protect Race Participants

TULSA, OK., Sep. 4, 2012- ICEdot, an emergency identification and notification service, announces its partnership with Red Frog Events, Producer of the Warrior Dash and Event Medical Staffing Solutions (EMSS) to provide its ICEdot event service for the remaining 2012 Warrior Dash races. The Warrior Dash, an extreme 5k with obstacles, is the world’s largest running series and will use EMSS to staff the race with first responders who are trained in using the ICEdot service.

The Warrior Dash is an adventure race that tests participants’ strength and endurance with a 5k, staggered with twelve obstacles throughout the course. Due to the nature of the race, there is the possibility of unpredicted injury and Warrior Dash is taking the precaution to make participants’ emergency information easily accessible in the event of an emergency. By utilizing the ICEdot events service, Warrior Dash is ensuring that they are taking all precautionary and safety measures that they can take when it comes to the safety of their participants. 

“Warrior Dash is excited to align with ICEdot and believes that this will help increase the safety of our participants, which is our number one priority,” said Race Director Kendra Alley

The ICEdot event service protects race participants by syncing their name, emergency contact and any health information they want communicated in an emergency with their bib number. In case of an emergency, first responders on the scene text the number located on the participant’s bib to instantly receive their emergency profile. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with Warrior Dash and EMSS.  Warrior Dash consistently exceeds the standards in race organization and EMSS is the premiere event medical service. It’s an honor to have both of these organizations use our service as it sets a clear precedent that there are no limits when it comes to participant safety,” said Chris Zenthoefer, ICEdot CEO.

Event Medical Staffing Solutions is the nation’s leading provider of event medical services, specializing in athletic and motorsport events and concerts. EMSS has been providing emergency medical professionals for Warrior Dash events since August 2009. Going forward, all EMSS medical professionals will be trained to use the ICEdot event service.

“The ICEdot technology gives EMSS access to the most critical time-sensitive information in the case of an emergency at a Warrior Dash race,” said Adam Scull, Vice President of EMSS. “We are now able to completely bypass the time consuming steps of linking an injured participant’s bib number to their name, locating the participant’s medical records and notifying emergency contacts. ICEdot allows medical attention to be provided quickly and accurately.”

ICEdot offers their event service for free to races and athletic events across the U.S. Race organizers who are interested in the ICEdot event service should contact Whitney Miller at [email protected] or 918.949.9935. More information on can also be found at www.icedot.org/events. For more information on the Warrior Dash, please visit http://www.warriordash.com/. To inquire about EMSS to staff your event, please visit http://www.4emss.com

ICEdot, which stands for In Case of Emergency, is an emergency identification and notification service. All ICEdot press inquiries can be directed to Emily Verna at 215.825.9634 or [email protected].  ICEdot can also be found online at icedot.org or icedotathletes.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ICEdotCommunity and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ICEdotCommunity.




About ICEdot

ICEdot is an emergency identification and notification service that provides critical emergency contact and health information at the scene of an accident. The service utilizes the Internet, mobile applications and SMS technology to quickly identify a patient, relay important medical information, provide and notify emergency contacts – in case of emergency. ICEdot is the only identification and notification service backed by the American Ambulance Association and is a proud sponsor of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT). For more information about ICEdot and its services, please visit icedot.org or call 918.592.3722. Be Known with ICEdot.


About Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash is the world’s largest running series and is held on more than 50 challenging and rugged terrains across the world. Participants will bound over fire, trudge through mud and scale over 12 obstacles during this fierce 5K. After pushing their limits and conquering extreme obstacles, Warriors celebrate with live music, Warrior grub and beer steins.


About Event Medical Staffing Solutions

Event Medical Staffing Solutions (EMSS) is the nation’s leading provider of Event Medical Services.  Our nationwide network of providers allows us to provide the highest quality of safety and service to any event of any size.  For more information on our services you can visit us at www.4emss.com, or call 1-888-59-EVENT. 

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