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People might think that going into shock after a car accident doesn’t ever really happen, or that you’ll always be able to think clearly after an accident.  As a medic, I have worked several serious and non-serious traffic accidents where the patient’s “shock” factor actually does hinder our ability to communicate with them clearly and efficiently.  Having the information in the glove box can make the whole medical evaluation process much quicker.

Chase Coates, EMSA medic

Kids and I , signed up for this. EMS and rescue personnel have been educated on this for awhile…check out the website. It is free unless you want premium membership which is $10 year! I uploaded my medicines and medical history…I will get a pin number for my keychain for EMS to contact and they can get my medical info and contacts if there is an emergency. Check it out!

ICEdot Facebook page fan

My daughter rarely has any sort of carrying case with her, so the ICEdot Snap is just perfect for our situation. The company originally advertised this round circle as a medical alert device for athletes in case of injury on the field. But as soon as I saw it and what it could do, I just knew that it had a much broader application.  For starters, it gave this Mom some serious peace of mind.

Kelly Morris on her daughter with severe epilepsy Kelly’s Blog

My job requires me to travel a lot and unfortunately my medical issues go with me.  If anything happens I want to ensure the best possible outcome of a potentially bad situation.  The ICEdot is what I depend on to make that happen for me and my family.

Hal Cantwell

I was carrying a small bag out to my car and tripped on an uneven curb.  I fell on my face, literally.  When the ambulance arrived and began asking me their lengthy questions I gave them my ICEdot.  They text messaged my PIN and because of the info it provided spared me a lot of questions on my way to the ER.  That was very helpful for me.

Evelyn L. Rogers, MLIS

I am a type 2 diabetic and recently had two heart attacks in less than one week.  I now have a stent and need to keep my medical info on me at all time.  Having ICEdot helps me and my family feel secure that when I am away from them if something happens I will get the care I need faster because the EMS providers can obtain my medical info easily.  Thank you ICEdot for the peace of mind!

Jan Holmes

My husband and I both ride motorcycles and while riding my husband has identification in his wallet which is always in his back pocket.  Me, on the other hand, keeps most of my personal information in a much larger wallet, aka purse, and not able to carry this while on my bike.  My thoughts were if I were to be in an accident, my cell phone is always with me that has contact #s but the phone may be damaged or unable to be found.  So, with no phone, no identification on my person and if I am unable to speak I thought ‘how is anyone going to know who I am and who to notify of the situation?’  The ICEdot sticker was the selling point for me.  I placed my sticker under the bill of my helmet.  First responders know that in a motorcycle accident, the helmet is not to be taken off until the physician gives the OK.  That sticker under the bill is small but VERY noticeable against the black interior of the helmet!  What an awesome idea.

Anita Buchanan

I simply take my ICEdot with me on runs so that if I needed, all my medical and contact information can be easily accessed….Thank you ICEdot.  I love feeling safe on the road.

Ashleigh FalkinAshleigh’s Blog

Living with a chronic disease like MS is tough enough.  With symptoms and management meds for the same changing all the time, I can update my account as my disease progresses and my prescriptions change – which can be daily!  Can’t do that with your everyday medical ID jewelry!  Besides, on the “good days” I don’t necessarily want people seeing a medical ID and knowing that I’m “sick!”

Trevis GleasonLife with MS blogger, everydayhealth.com

I have type 1 diabetes.  I have never worn a medical alert bracelet, so when I heard about ICEdot I jumped right on it.  One of my favorite things about ICEdot is knowing that my family will be notified if anything ever happens to me.  I also love how affordable it is!

Mandy Bardsley